About Us

Golden Milk is by no means a novelty, in fact, it has been used as part of Ayurvedic Yoga practice for literal ages.

I first experienced the benefits of Golden Milk as part of my Kundalini teacher training in 2017. The formula for our daily dose was simple: turmeric root, black pepper and ghee. Three ingredients, handed down through generations in the ayurvedic tridoshic healing tradition, mixed into a paste, ready to overhaul, strengthen and renew our immune systems.

There was no doubt in my mind that turmeric really was a miracle spice and Golden Milk was hugely beneficial; however, it also tasted absolutely atrocious.

As my fellow yoga teachers in training and I put it: “Our bodies enjoy it, but our mouths do not.”

In keeping with Kundalini and Ayurvedic philosophy, I took it upon myself to improve the formula as an act of seva (service) and create a blend of Golden Milk that our mouths would love.

What followed was a wild journey of exploration, sourcing and experimentation. Les and Margie, who run Sandy Creek Organic farm in the Glass House Mountains, provided us with the plumpest, most beautiful turmeric and ginger roots. My bees, who foraged in the rainforest foothills of the D’Aguilar range, brought some much-needed sweetness. I sourced organic extra-virgin coconut oil and vanilla beans, hand-milled black pepper and, with a little help from my friends, set about staining everything yellow in the quest to find the perfect blend.

We experimented wildly. Chilli flakes. Star Anise. Cinnamon. Spice ratios. Consistency. With the guiding principle of Ayurveda, persistence, mantras and heart-felt intention, Lucy Locket’s Golden Milk finally became a delicious reality.

Lucy Locket’s Golden Milk – Lucy Locket is my childhood nickname – quickly became available at the local markets, established cafes and wholefood stores, and before we knew it, reports of its incredible healing power started to roll in.

To this day, I am overcome with gratitude every time someone shares their Golden Milk experience. This creation has truly been a labour of love, it would have been impossible to achieve without the guidance, support and help of so many – and sharing it with the world is a privilege indeed.